Aims and Objectives

Oliver's Battery Community Centre

Building a Hub for our Community

Olivers Battery Community Centre Ltd

Company limited by Guarantee

Company number: 09882906Ch

Registered address: 7 Bournemouth Road

Chandlers Ford, Hants, SO53 3DA

Charity number: 1173149

Aims and Objectives


Oliver’s Battery Community Centre Ltd. is a charity incorporated as a Company Limited by Guarantee number 9882906 and Charity Number xxxxxxx. The Articles of Association (often referred to as the constitution) define its objectives as:


  • The aims of this charity shall be to establish a new Community Centre building in the civil parish of Oliver’s Battery, Winchester and to manage and maintain this centre for the benefit of all residents of Oliver’s Battery and adjacent areas (referred to as the “area of benefit”).


  • The charity shall promote the use of this centre for social, educational and leisure activities which contribute to the health, well being and enjoyment of residents in the area of benefit. The benefit of the centre shall be available to all these residents without distinction of age, gender, race, religious persuasion, political opinion, sexual orientation or membership of any other lawful organisation.


  • The charity shall not be affiliated to any commercial interest, political party or religious organisation but may affiliate to a national federation of community associations or similar body.


The proposed building is replacement for the existing St Mark’s church and hall, which has served as a dual purpose building supporting a range of communal activities over the past 60 years. This is now nearing the end of its life and no longer meets the needs of the current community of almost 2,000 residents, which is significantly larger than it was at the time of building in 1956.