Oliver's Battery Community Centre

Building a Hub for our Community

Olivers Battery Community Centre Ltd

Company limited by Guarantee

Company number: 09882906Ch

Registered address: 7 Bournemouth Road

Chandlers Ford, Hants, SO53 3DA

Charity number: 1173149

links to important Documents


  1. Final Report of the St Mark's Feasibility Study Group

September 2013 14 pages

This report was produced by a group of local residents, who were invited by St Luke's Parochial Church Council to study the future of the St Mark's building and site.


  1. Survey Responses

December 2013 18 pages

Summary of responses from a local survey


  1. St Mark's Leaflet

March 2014 4 pages

This is the first leaflet produced for distribution at the 2014 OB Fete. It addressed the following questions --

- Why is a new building required?

- How can a new building be achieved?

- How would the new building be used?

- What happens next?


  1. Leaflet Announcing Formation of the Charity

December 2015 4 pages

This announces the formal establishment of the OBCC Charity. It re-states the need for a new building, who will administer the Charity and most importanty, how you can help.


  1. Articles of Association of the OBCC Charity

December 2015 6 pages

This defines the objectives of the Charity, the required structure and role of the Directors and the concept of membership of the Charity.


  1. Draft Business Plan

July 2016 32 pages

This follows the general structure for business plans for village halls and community centres laid out by ACRE Information Sheet No. 28


This document is not yet ready for public access. It contains business information which requires authorisation before release.


  1. ACRE Information sheet

December 2010 20 pages

Action with Communities in Rural England Sheet 28

This sets out the framework of topics which should be covered in a Business Plan for a Village Hall.