Our Response to the Needs

Oliver's Battery Community Centre

Building a Hub for our Community

Olivers Battery Community Centre Ltd

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Our Response to the Needs


Demographic information from the Office for National Statistics shows that the population of Oliver's Battery falls mainly in the over 35 age group. Oliver’s Battery also differs from the Winchester District as a whole in having a much greater proportion of residents, approximately 50%, in the over 65 age group. It therefore has much greater exposure to the problems of age and a heightened need for activities and facilities which will enable this group to live independently for as a long as possible.


Our surveys have shown that there is significant unsatified for demand for community activities include entertainment, special interest groups, and fitness groups, as well as groups for older persons and women. Traditional activities including church services also continue to be popular.


These findings are consistent with the requirements advanced by some specific user groups, and we believe they can only be satisfied within an adequate modern building. Our design concept therefore provides for a two storey building which includes a main hall plus a separate meeting room. This approach continues the dual use tradition which has been so successful in the current building for 60 years and provides great flexibility for a wide range of community and other activities.